xfb Analytics are experts in football analytics building data-driven IT solutions for measuring player performances and developing a new generation of predictive football metrics by introducing AI to football.

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Data-driven scouting

Identify your own targets and find them with performance-based searches.
Get the players you really need!

Player and team analysis

Build reports to monitor the performance of your players, a group of your players or your whole team. Improve them day by day with information gained.

Opponent analysis

Learn the behavior of your upcoming opponents based on accurate statistics of previous games.

AI modeling

Data science and football data can and should work together. Through these models, you can find previously hidden value in the data, and have a new standard for how well you know what’s happening at every game.

Ad hoc analysis

The business of football may change quickly, and decisions have to be made accordingly. Be prepared for the questions that might arise and back up your decisions with precise analytics.

Our products

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xfb Cube is adding AI to the world of football to help coaches and analysts with performance evaluation aspects of the game.

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Our business philosophy is that pilot projects are essential for a successful collaboration - this is why we offer a short-term pilot program through which we believe we can already provide essential value to your club.

Through these projects, we aim to give you a deeper understanding of the solutions we’re developing and to provide you with a clear vision of how your club could benefit from using xfb Analytics services in the long term.

If you have a specific business issue, we’d be happy to work on a solution together with you.

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We are proud...

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We are a proud partner of the Hungarian Football Federation developing a statistical reporting and analyzing system for their coaches and managers. With xfb Analytics, they have found a solution to closely monitor the performance of the national teams and players in the domestic leagues and be always up-to-date.

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We are a proud partner of Wyscout, one of the biggest football data providers globally. Based on our agreement we have full access to raw data for any of the football leagues covered by them, therefore our services can be provided on any of those leagues and teams.

Feel free to leave us a message if you are interested in any of our solutions or if you have any questions.

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